How to save our planet?

Our Planet is a groundbreaking, four-year collaboration between Netflix, Silverback Films and WWF. It explores the rich natural wonders, iconic species and wildlife spectacles that still remain, and reveals the key issues that urgently threaten their existence. Today, we have become the greatest threat to the health of our planet.


Our joint mission is to inspire people over the world to understand our planet – and the challenges it faces. If we can truly understand why nature matters to us all, and what we can do to save it, then we can create a future where nature and people thrive. 

About WWF 
As one of the world’s largest and most respected conservation organisations, WWF has ensured Our Planet is supported by the latest science and showcases the most pressing challenges and solutions facing our natural world. WWF exists to protect our natural world and to build a better future for wildlife and people. In partnering with Netflix to deliver this ambitious project, we can show millions of people around the world some of the planet’s most precious and fragile locations, and raise awareness of what we all need to do to protect our planet. Find out more.

Many teams perform well on some of those traits, but few perform strongly on all four. Executive teams that make time to talk about previously undiscussable topics, including ideas seen as above criticism as well as strained relationships, can bring attention to their shortcomings and accelerate overall results.


Today we have become the greatest threat to the health of our planet.

We’re the first generation to know what we’re doing, and the last who have a chance to put things right.

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    We realised we really wanted to catch a glimpse of what went on behind the scenes of the companies we looked up to. And we thought other people would want to know too.

  2. Říjen 31, 2018

    So we decided to organise an event to share these stories. Today, we run monthly Show & Tell events and an annual conference.


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